Funny crocodile cartoon shirt

Funny crocodile cartoon shirt

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The story of human origin and human misfortune is like that. But there is a different story. It is said that the first person of the world was born from the Earth but not by anyone. People come from the ground. Again, the first man of the world is the son of a river, rather, the son of a Song deity named Inachos. Spirit Inachos River took the first female Mélia – a Nymphe – was born a son named Phoronée. People come from the river, the river gives birth to the people, the old people thought that and were not unreasonable. How many people have lived in rivers for generations, have been generation after generation following the flowing river, going and going until they face the new sea. It is the river that gave birth to humans and raised people. Cool river water has rejuvenated the fields, erased the wrinkles on the forehead, the face of that dear friend. So people follow the rivers where life is established.